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DB7 - Upper A-arm Ball Joint Replacement

What are we doing?  Replacing the upper control arm ball joint.
Tools Needed: 14mm socket17mm socketC-Clamp Press (Rental) or Actual Press (recommended)Sledge Hammer (I use a 3lb)A small wrench for the grease fitting if there is one Upper Control Arm Removal

Note:Getting the upper control arm out also means removing the shock itself. Since I'm already replacing things up front this was an easy go because the shock was already out.

So, start by removing the crown on the upper ball joint. Pull the cotter pin out. This is a 17mm. Popping the ball joint off of the spindle can be a challenge. I like to use a ball joint separator if I need it. Otherwise hitting the flat spots on the left and right of the spindle, just near the upper ball joint, will also sometimes do the trick.

Once that is off. We need to go in to the engine bay and locate the two 17mm bolts that hold the upper control are to the chassis. Please note that if there is nothing holding the upper control arm, when you remove th…