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2000 Freightliner FLD112 - Details, Specs, Upgrades

My buddy Brian is a truck driver. This post is about his truck, a 2000 Freightliner FLD112. There are so many cool things about a truck that I never even knew were a thing. Brian was kind enough to give me a full once over of his little beastie.

They make these vice grips that have an angle joint welded to it. This allows you to mount your CB antenna on any railing. Pretty cool!

Update: The aluminum key chain carabiner that held the air lines broke. Brian upgraded to a massive 1/2in, Stanley, stainless steel carabiner. 
These Tectran leads are hung on a sprung cable that recesses back in to a tube. Pretty smart as it allows the motion of the road to gently move the fittings which in turn causes less stress on them.
Tectran swivel fittings. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to trailer connects. 

I'm told that everything in the trucking world is about 10 years behind the car world. So for 2000 this 90s style interior was all the rage. Look at that sweet wood grain interior!