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DB7 - Researching Suspension

I've been thinking about suspension related items for Teg for a bit now. These ebay coils the car came with are doing fine, surprisingly. Yeah the ride is rough and crappy, whatever. I don't go that far. The issue I'm having currently is a clunking noise coming from the front left. Only happens over the speed bumps in the neighborhood. Now is the time to make something happen in regards to replacement. I believe the noise is coming from the coil lifting off the perch. That's my best guess. With the two front shocks already long blown, its time for something new.

There are lots of options for shocks in the Honda/Acura market. The go to brands: Koni, Skunk2, Blox, TruHart, KYB, and Tokiko. I had Koni's on the hatch. I liked them, I always ran them full soft but, it was fun knowing I had the option of stiffening them up. This time however, after the fun with Helena (my previous e36 328i) I have been thinking about Bilstein. Interestingly enough Bilstein makes a B6 (H…

GE8 - Sticky Ebrake on Penny

We went out to the garage and hopped in Penny. To my surprise the car would not move. Did I forget to release the e-brake? Nope! I reapplied the e-brake and released it again. No change. So, after trying to go forward and reverse a few times, things worked themselves loose and all was well. I needed to take a look at was was going on. If it happened once, it could happen again. So, time to get to it.

Tools Needed:
#2 Phillips head screw driver.
10 mm socket and socket wrench of choice.
Two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts - need these to push the rear drum off

Let's get started:
The fit has four jack points. When you look under the car you will see the metal seam of the car. Look for the doubled metal. Two right behind the front tires and the other two are right in front of the rear wheels.

This is what the rear suspension looks like. Yup that is a solid rear axle. The 2nd generation Fit has an H-Beam style rear end.
I used the jack point to jack the car then, I sat the jack on the H-Beam. Not sur…

Cars and Coffee - Michelin Building

Another trip to C&C this month, 8/27/2016. Here were some of the things that interested me.

This car is near to my heart because a buddy of mine owned one when we were back in high school. This is a fine example of a Pontiac Fiero (AKA Fire Chicken). This one has not caught on fire. In fact it is being well taken care of. Motor: 2.8 liter V6. Makes some horsepower figure. This is the late model where they redid all the suspension and fixed most of the issues in that area. 
Interior is clean and pretty. All the original stuff is still intact. The dash isn't even cracking.
The owner was nice enough to chat with me about the car and let me give things a look see.
This was a real deal Ford GT. I had a quick conversation with the owner and he gave me a short run down. The chassis weighs 1500 pounds without the motor.  All the rear suspension components are tubular and have pillow ball mounts on either side. He had Koni shocks on the car front and rear. The brakes are been upgraded …

DB7 - Front Brake Pad Swap

The pads up front on the Teg where looking a little thin last time I peeked at them. Given I've put a few miles on them since, it was time for, at the very least, a pad swap. The rotors looked almost freshly turned, and or, new up front. I decided just pads in this case.

I had Hawk Yellows on the hatch and I liked them They bit hard and didn't fade on me. However, I didn't have the need or the budget right now for them, this time around. Instead I decided to give EBC a try. I went with their standard replacement pads, Ultimax2. I figured this car is a daily, I don't have any events lined up right now, and I can always upgrade from here later.
After looking in to the company itself a little more, I like what they have going on, or at least what they are advertising. This particular set of pads has several nice features: easy on rotors, low noise, good stopping power, and the interesting one by me, emits zero toxicity. Pretty cool. They are all made in their UK facility …