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RL3 - Brakes on Allen's 06 EX-L Odyssey.

So my buddy Allen got some new pads and rotors for his odyssey. Given the weight of the van my recommendation was to get a better set of rotors and pads that would last a bit. After some conversation Allen decided on a set of ceramic Brembo brake pads and Centric Cyro-Treated rotors.

If you are not familiar with a "cryo" treated rotor take a look here: Tire Rack Brake Tech. Basically what happens is the rotor is cooled slowly to -300'F then, brought back up to the ambient temperature slowly. This increases the wearing characteristics of the metal significantly.

Time to install these beauties.
Tools Needed:
Breaker BarSocket Wrench19mm socket14mm socket19mm flat wrenchSomething to depress the brake pistons. In our case we used large adjustable jaw pliers. Time Estimated, if all goes well: 1 hour.

Let's get going:
So let's no forget that the van weighs more than your civic. Make sure your jack is decent and your stands are positioned correctly. After the van is off t…

Upholstery Clean Up - Giots vs Lifter-1

During the clean up of a friend's Toyota, I had the opportunity to test another carpet cleaner against the fancy Griots stuff. Said friend bought this foaming carpet cleaner from the local auto parts. He said it was the most expensive one they had available there.
Pricing: Griots Carpet Cleaner 22oz - $13 Lifter-1 Carpet Stain & Spot Remover 18oz - $8
I have Griots interior cleaner as well but, I felt like the carpet cleaner was a stronger formula. For this job we needed something that was a step up from the normal upholstery cleaner. Of course given the material you are using either of these options may not be a good bet. Always test a small spot before loading down any cleaners on your seats.
The cap isn't seen in the picture above but, the Lifter-1 comes with a plastic "brush" style top. So, we had 4 seats and a headliner to make look pretty from an exploding soda can. Note to folks, don't leave a can of soda in your car during the heat of summer. I didn&#…