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E170 - 2014 Corolla LE, Oil and Cabin Filter Change

My buddy David asked me if we could change his oil, cabin filter, and clean up his daily driven Toyota Corolla. That way he could be corollin in a better fashion.

The Oil Change
What's needed? 14mm socketSocket wrenchSpecial Toyota/Lexus 67mm oil filter cap socketObviously: oil and an oil filter
Precursor Notes:
Toyota specifies 0w-20 or 5w-20 depending on conditions. We went with a 5w-20 since we are in the heat of summer right now.

So this car has an oil filter cap that is located on the underside of the car. Just behind the oil pan, on the passenger side of the motor. It is an odd looking thing that requires a special socket to get it off properly. It also has a cartridge style oil filter. Similar to zee Germans.

David always had this car serviced at the dealership for the first 100k. I'm not sure if they put it on extra tight of what but, it was a massive pain to get off. We originally got a 65/67mm Penzoil Oil Filter Removal Socket. However, it was too shallow and would not …

DB7 - Lipping the Teg

When I had originally purchased this car, the previous owner gave me a lip. I have not had the time to install it. Finally I have. It is an IKON Motorsports front lip from eBizzle. ABS plastic, comes with screws and hardware.

I didn't use any of them as I need all the OEM nuts and bolts cause I'm a bit of a wacko. The lip install was cake.

What we need:

Double sided tape - I used 5lb 3M Velcro strips. Short screw driver.AlcoholLet's get to it:

The lip install was easy as this one mounted almost perfectly. No where near an difficult as the one I got for the E36. They must have made more of these or something because it was spot on. The way it mounts to the front bumper sort of holds it in place.

I put two pieces of doubled sided Velcro on the top of the lip where it rests on the bumper. Cleaning with alcohol is critical here as the tape won't stick otherwise. I ended up putting one piece dead in the center because the two on the ends were not sticking correctly. 
Once th…

FG1 - 09 Civic LX Axle Change

Whilst riding with my buddy Rob, we heard the familiar thump, thump, click, click, of an axle gone bad on his 09 Civic LX. He asked me if I could take a look at for him. 
Tools I used:

Air gun32mm axle nut14mm socket17mm socket19mm socket17mm flat wrench19mm flat wrenchLarge Screw Driver or Pry BarHammer of some kindLet's get started:
Jack it, stand it.
Remove that 32mm axle nut. This is where the air wrench helps. It is gonna be on there pretty tightly. It helps if you knock out the notch on the axle nut, alrighty.
Don't forget to detach the 12mm brake line bolts and unclip the ABS senson wire.
This model has struts up front. There are two 19mm bolts with 17mm nuts holding the strut to the lower control arm.
Once out use a large screw driver or pry bar to brake the axle from the transmission housing. Please be careful to not damage the transmission housing seal. You can see it with a flash light. This keeps the fluid in the tranmission from running out. 
The axle for the automat…