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DB7 - Radio install on the teg

I absolutely love the face that Leslie has a stock acura CD stereo in her. However, the lack of aux port has me bummed. No one really listens to CDs anymore. I'm tired of listening to the few I have over and over.
So what are our options? The stock stereo has a CD changer out control on it. I'm certain that you can buy an adapter for an aux in or iPod control for that. However, that does not front me RCAs for my boom boom. There are line level converters for that but, that is not where I want to go.
Since the guys over at Parts European are cool people, they let me scoop up a nice Kenwood head unit from one of the part cars. For the total cost involved on my end, swapping the head unit is where I'm going.
The Integra actually has accommodation for a double din, or two stereo tall, head unit. That isn't something I'm interested in but, you can mount navigation units, touch screens ect. Unlike my other cars of the past, this installation is a bit different. I'd…

FA5 - Spark Plugs on Bryan's 09 Civic Si

So my buddy Bryan asked if we could do change his spark plugs based on his service minder. We were mainly focused on spark plugs and inspection of the suspension bushings, ball joints, tie rods, sway bar end links, and the exhaust system.

We had already changed the brake pads on the last go around. Everything looked proper there. Plenty of pad left, the rotors looked good and, no wobble when braking. The brake lines where clean. The fluid was tan-ish. No change in the level of fluid either. All was right in the braking department.

The bushings on the front and rear control arms looked great. There was only a tiny little crack in the bushing where the front driver's side lower control arm mounts to the frame. The tie rods, end links, sway bar mounts, axle boots, and steering rack bellows were all just fine. The only other noticeable item was the front strut dust covers were coming apart. Nothing I was too concerned about.

Changing the spark plugs

Tools needed:
Socket Wrench
10mm sock…