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Cars and Coffee - Michelin Building

So our local Cars & Coffee is the Michelin parking lot on the third Saturday of each month. There is a little bit of everything there in regards to the cars. Our area is diverse so you may see high end Lambos or Ferraris and ragged out beat boxes in the same day. That’s is part of the fun.

Here are the highlights of the day from my perspective.

#1. This is a Honda z600. The gentleman who owned it was extremely nice. It was awesome to have conversation with him about this little car.

I even had the opportunity to sit in it. The interior was in good shape and it was surprisingly roomy. A very cool little car indeed. It has a 600cc twin cylinder motor up front, 4 speed manual transmission, and four wheel drum. It was like a mini EF hatch. It even had the original window sticker in it! We were behind him coming in on the highway and he had no trouble keeping up with traffic. Awesome! #2: I didn’t get all the particulars from the young man and his dad(?), who’s on the motorcycle bes…

DB7 – Strut tower bar installation

I took this tower bar off my hatch before I sold it. One last memento if you will. However, it fits on the Integra. It is an authentic Vibrant performance tower bar from circa 2003ish. It only required a minor adjustment to spin the mounts about 5 turns closer per side.

Items needed:
Strut tower bar.

6mm allen wrench (socket)
19mm flat wrench (for the adjustment nuts)
14mm socket
Socket Wrench

This is about as easy as it get.

 Remove the two 14mm bolts on either side of the tower. These hold the shocks on. You can do this without jacking up the car.

Slide the tower bar in place once adjusted, if it adjusts, properly.

I had to move the passenger side engine harnesses connector slightly by bending the bracket down away from the shock tower.

Tighten up the 14mm bolts, tighten up your adjustment nuts and, your done.

Car feels a bit more responsive and stiffer through the corners up front. Major improvement? Eh, negligible but, the bar is shiny.

GE8 – Checking the Front Brakes, Tires

Since we brought the Fit (Penny) home I wanted to give things a once over. With the initial brake issue taken care of by CarMax, I still wanted to put my eyes on the driver side caliper. When one acts funny I always like to take a look at the other.

Items needed: I like to use anti seize in these cases. Puts a nice graphite coating on the metal, doesn't bind to the rubber. However, there are all sorts of opinions on this, bear grease, lithium grease, ect.
Tools needed: Lug wrench of your choice (remove the lug nuts) Socket Wrench 12mm socket (caliper bolts to slide pins) Large Flat Head Screwdriver (spread the caliper)
What do we do: Obviously we start by securely jacking up the front of the car. Make sure your wheels are chalked, or e-brake is on. Put the jack stands under the front driver and passenger side on the jacking tabs. Make sure the car is stabile before removing the wheels people! Remove the front wheels.

The front brakes on this one are typical  Honda, which I like. The…

DB7 – Shift knob install

The stock shift knob in this 00 Integra LS is leather wrapped. Just like the steering wheel. Unlike the steering wheel, this poor knob’s leather was a bit well for wear. It was worn out and due for a replacement.

I’ve always wanted a Password JDM aluminum knob, so that’s what I got. This is a gen one, 6.1oz shift knob.

Installation is as simple as unscrewing the old knob and then, screwing on the new one.
The weighting on it is really nice. I love the way the engagement feels throughout a shift. The tranny on this one feels as though the synchros need some love. No scraps or grinds but, it is noticeably different than the higher mileage 90 Integra cable transmission I had on my hatch, which shifted perfectly.

It could be the linkage stabilizer bushings as well though. I haven’t taken a look at those yet. The c-pin in these can wear over time as well. All areas to look at in the near future.

DB7 – Leaking Cam Seal, Timing Belt Inspection, Air Filter Inspection

There is very little wrong with Leslie, my 2000 Acura Integra LS. However when I purchased I noticed the leaking cam seal right away. Anyone who has ever owned a B series Honda motor knows the plastic Honda bonded exhaust cam seal is known for leaking oil. The fix for this is a simple one.

Items required: New cam seal, Hondabond/Permatex Black

Mileage: 145,125

Torque Spec: 10mm cap bolts – 7.2ft/lbs.

Tools for the job:
Torque wrench, pliers, flat head screw drivers, 10mm socket, rubber mallet. The file is just to clean up any indentions I put in the aluminum while trying to get the valve cover off.

What we need to do:

First off we need to remove the valve cover. It is held on with 10mm crowns. There was a grounding cable, power steering fluid bracket, and spark plug wire brackets attached as well. The breather for the valve cover and the PCV valve needs to come out as well.

This valve cover was really on here. I used a large flat head at to gentle pry the cover up. It had not been taken o…

GE8 – Introducing Penny, our 2011 Honda Fit

My wife has been driving a 2000 Saturn since college. She has been long overdue for a newer ride. After some discussion we set out to find what would work for us. Of course with my background, my comfort level rested with a Honda. M was not against the idea.

Knowing we wanted something with low miles in good shape, I started looking towards CarMax. I narrowed the search to an XB, Fit, or CRV. M did not like the awkwardness of the body styling on the XB and the CRV was a bit too big for her. So, our last choice is what we went to look at.

This particular 2nd Gen, 2011 Honda Fit Sport, was in good shape, had low miles, and M liked the color. After a phone call we scheduled an appointment to go look. New tires, mostly clean interior, and everything worked while sitting on the lot. A test drive later we discovered that the passenger side caliper had locked up. I realized that when I was driving because the wheel was shaking and their was no power.

CarMax took care of fixing what was neede…

DB7 - Introducing Leslie my 2000 Integra LS

Introducing Leslie, my new project/daily driver. I’m the fourth owner if this extremely well taken care of four door LS. She’s got 145k original miles, manual transmission, and is very clean all around.

The car is all stock except for the coil overs, Rotas, and a few minor interior mods. The previous owner put the Rota circuit 10s on there. They are wrapped in fresh Continental extreme contact tires. The tires don’t even have 1000 miles on them.

The rims touched my heart because they are the ones I had for my hatch but, sold off when I bought the BMW. It’s was almost too good to be true when I found this Teg. I’m very thankful to have a vehicle that requires a little less maintenance and that I’m not nervous to tear in to should something go wrong.